Updated PAID Lottery Rules

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You Spoke and We Listened

This year has been off to an incredible start with the market in full bull mode, and wow it’s been exciting being along for the ride. The PAID team has been working long and hard since Q3 of last year and that didn’t change one bit as we came into 2021 and prepared our launch, but the dedication is clear and the team has been crushing it.

No matter how hard the team works and how hectic things get, we are always listening to you, our valued community members. As we prime the launchpad and prepare for two of the most exciting launches we could have asked for Shadows and Splyt, the first two projects to lock in their spots, we wanted to address a concern we have heard mentioned countless times within the community.

The current lottery rules

With the current whitelist lottery structure we have in place there are loyal, supportive and amazing token holders that are unable to participate in whitelist lottery opportunities. It is critical we maintain some requirements in order to create the appropriate model we envision, but after hearing your concerns and diving in deep, we decided there was room to make them more simple and accessible. Although the new model may still leave some people out, with limited raises and allocation sizes it would be impossible to include everyone, we are happy to share the new model with you all.

New lottery rules for more chances of winning

We have amended our tiers and have done so in a way to allow those with smaller portfolios to be able to join in on the fun, without disadvantaging larger PAID holders. To achieve this, we have changed our rules to make it so that each wallet will receive one entry into the whitelist lottery per 1,000 $PAID tokens they hold.

This means that a wallet with 10,962 $PAID tokens would receive ten lottery tickets; if all ended up being winners, the wallet holder would be able to purchase ten lots of the token allocation. Each lottery ticket will be entered into a lottery where winners will be randomly selected and we will be integrating Chainlink’s VRF random selection technology to make our selection process entirely transparent.

We have decided to retain the top two tiers rewarding the largest $PAID holders with additional benefits, therefore leaving a total of three tiers:

  1. Moon: Any wallet with at least 1,000 $PAID tokens will receive one lottery entry for every 1,000 $PAID tokens.
  2. GALAXY: A wallet with 75,000+ $PAID tokens is guaranteed one public allocation in addition to the one lottery entry for every 1,000 $PAID held, for additional chances to win!
  3. COSMOS: A wallet with 150,000+ $PAID tokens is guaranteed one public allocation and one pre-sale allocation, in addition to the one lottery ticket for every 1,000 $PAID held (just like the IGNITE tier)

There is no limit to the amount of lottery tickets received per 1,000 $PAID tokens. Meaning for example, a wallet holding 500,000 $PAID tokens that has been entered into the lottery would receive 500 lottery tickets.

Furthermore, liquidity providers on Uniswap will also be counted under the same process. For example, if you added 1,000 PAID tokens as a liquidity provider, then you would receive one lottery ticket. If you have 60,000 PAID tokens added as a liquidity provider, and a further 25,000 tokens in your own wallet, this would count as 85,000 total tokens**. This would make the wallet eligible for the IGNITE tier, as well as 85 lottery tickets.

**Please note that, only liquid $PAID tokens are eligible for the lottery. Tokens which are still locked under all seed and private rounds will not add to the total number of tokens held for the current lottery.

Do not forget to whitelist for Splyt and Shadows before it’s too late as we have received an insane amount of demand for these first two Ignition projects. We are looking forward to our first launches and cannot wait to welcome as many of you on-board as possible!

Already entered the lottery under old rules?

If you were quick to apply to both Shadows and Splyt’s whitelist lotteries under our previous lottery tier levels and rules, worry not! We’ve got you covered. Regardless of the tier you selected for the current and ongoing lotteries, we will automatically be applying the new rules to your entry. So, if you applied with 8,000 $PAID tokens in your wallet address you provided, you will now automatically get 8 lottery tickets.

No time better than now

If you have still not applied to either whitelist, don’t miss your chance, apply now! Our current lotteries are still open for new applications. Check out our PAID community for upcoming whitelist opportunities and exclusive lottery giveaways:

Enter the Shadows whitelist lottery HERE

Enter the Splyt whitelist lottery HERE

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on:

Telegram: https://t.me/paidnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/paid_network

Medium: https://medium.com/@Paidnetwork