PAID Website and Logo Refresh

March 25, 2022

PAID Community, we are excited to announce that we are giving our brand a refresh by rolling out a new website and logo design that will provide PAID Network with a sleek new look, one more in line with the values and personality of our ecosystem.

At PAID Network, we are true believers in the benefits of change and are not afraid to mix things up in ways that will only improve the engagement and enthusiasm behind our ecosystem and all of the products and services we offer. As you may be aware, we have been active under our current branding for quite some time now and feel like a change is needed to make it more representative of our activities and the community that drives us forward.

With that in mind, our new website and logo brings together our main values that include security, integration, blockchain, and synergy into a modern and innovative visual representation aimed at uniting our ecosystem and global community along with our activities.

Get ready for some amazing opportunities and offerings within the PAID Network ecosystem in weeks and months to come with this exciting new update.

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