$PAID Warrior Program: End of Season

October 7, 2022

As we arrive at the end of another successful season for our well-known Warrior program, we want to reward the most dedicated warriors of ours with some special prizes. We hope you have enjoyed this season as much as we have and we can’t wait for the next one already! We salute you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you again in season 4. The battle for blockchain supremacy wages on. 

Outnumbered, but never outgunned. The warriors who ranked the highest are immortalized on our leaderboards, never to be forgotten.

Congratulations to the Warriors of the Season! 🏆

To the victors go the spoils. The prizes are awarded according to the rank you have achieved.

Warriors in the Spotlight:

This month, in order to show our appreciation by highlighting some of their achievements, we will be shining a spotlight on a select regiment of our bravest warriors. 

“I became a PAID Warrior after I discovered PAID and staked $PAID on Ignition in order to  join IDO's. I like PAID’s Warrior program because you can win whitelist spots with your contributions on social media. This helps both stakers and PAID itself. The community is rewarded with IDO spots for their contributions. Everyone should join the PAID Warriors. It is free and anyone can be rewarded for their contributions… and all you need is to be active in the community, help other members and share the news about PAID. You will be rewarded with free moon tickets and other rewards.” Huseyin from Turkey - Winner of the season 
“Participating as a $PAID Warrior is an overall enjoyable experience. The environment is friendly. After my one year of experience with PAID Network and participating in many IDO’s I can say I’m very pleased. It's without a doubt that PAID Network has a passion for creating fun mechanisms for the community. Paid warrior means a member of Paid Network who participates in IDO/INO and works as an active member of its mechanisms.” Dersudan from India - PAID Warrior

What is the Warrior Program:

PAID Network’s Warrior program is an ambassador program anyone can join. This program will allow you to earn reputation points and rewards as you participate in different activities. The Warrior program is the most rewarding way to participate in IDOs. The more reputation points you collect, the more you can win.

Participation has been made easy here as all you need do is join the Warrior Telegram chat and start earning reputation points. These will accumulate and we will be hosting bi-weekly lotteries where you can win a Moon ticket and with that, an allocation for an upcoming IDO on Ignition.

Earning reputation points is very easy, you help out with spreading the word about PAID. A full overview can be found in the Warrior telegram channel but here are a few examples:

  • Participate in social activities
  • Create content about PAID Network
  • Assist the community by answering questions

It is time for you to take the next step and become a warrior! Our warriors will assist you in getting set up. In season 4, we hope to see your name on the leaderboard.

Hear from PAID Network and stay ahead of the curve

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