PAID Network Team and Advisor Token Vesting Extension

February 21, 2022

As part of our long-term commitment to the PAID Network ecosystem, the PAID Network team has unanimously agreed to extend the vesting schedule for both its team and advisors, increasing it from 24 months to 60 months.

To put this into simpler terms, this means the number of tokens potentially entering circulation will be reduced by 60% each month compared to the original plan, helping to reduce inflation in the $PAID token supply while we continue to build out the ecosystem.

With the new change now in effect, team and advisor tokens will now remain vested until 26 January 2027, at which point they will account for less than a third of all PAID tokens in circulation.

All public sale, private sale, and seed tokens are now fully vested, and the PAID token is now inflating at just a small fraction of its previous rate, giving holders the confidence needed to stick with PAID Network for the long haul, and benefit from our long-term vision.

“We are fully committed to the sustainability and longevity of the PAID Network product suite and believe that the new vesting schedule better reflects this. With several major developments currently in the pipeline, including the Substrate-based PAID Chain, the PAID DApp, and an array of upgrades to the PAID launchpad network, the future of PAID Network looks bright.“ — Kyle Chasse, PAID Network CEO and Founder.

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