PAID Network Ecosystem Updates

November 9, 2022

PAID Network Ecosystem Update #1

PAID Network launched Ignition in February of 2021, since then it’s launched over 80 projects. A successful IDO is only the first step in being part of the PAID Ecosystem. PAID wants to make sure that we are part of a project’s every step on the way to success, and we want our community to take part in these milestones.

PAID Network has invited our ecosystem partners to take the next step alongside us  by keeping our community informed on their progress, through a monthly update. In this PAID Ecosystem update we have Star Atlas, Metashooter, Legion Network, and Sidus Heroes.  

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is having a series of product launch events in 2022. The first two in the summer have released the Unreal Engine 5 pre-alpha game client on the Epic Games Store, an open source SKD for building with UE5 on Solana (F-KIT), the Star Atlas DAO governance, a game-focused Marketplace and much more.

" Star Atlas continues to pave the way for mass adoption of web3 gaming, delivering the technology of the future to builders and users alike. With the Showroom pre-alpha UE5 gameplay and the F-KIT SDK out now, there is so much more yet to come.”
- Michael Wagner, CEO Star Atlas

Learn more about Star Atlas HERE


MetaShooter is on a pre-beta version already, in the pre-beta version players can play open world hunting, enjoy 2 hunting missions and 2 challenges. Another milestone completed is Hunter's Dashboard where players can stake their tokens, purchase and sell NFTs on MetaShooter marketplace, connect wallet and access game, swap in-game tokens (hunter coins) to MHUNT, check player's profile and more... MetaShooter players can earn, by gaining points from completed challenges and missions. If a player gets into the top 100 of the leaderboard, he will earn hunter coins which are exchangeable. To add to this, players can earn also, by completing daily quests or use the MetaShooter referral system.

The team have hired more specialists and developers, which have helped to boost up the project process. MetaShooter moved to Unreal Engine 5 while also, it is the only WEB3 game listed on STEAM store.

For all updates on this game, check Medium articles or updated the MetaShooter website.

Find our more about Legion Network HERE

Legion Network

Legion Network launched the Super-App on January 10th earlier this year. Now, they are  launching their Metaverse early next year, called Bluemoon which is going to be very exciting with a land sale and they will launch their own meta-mansions.

Bluemoon Metaverse Highlights & Beta Access:

First Boxing Match in the Metaverse:

Innova-T Event 2022:

Further information will be announced once the dates are confirmed. Legion Network would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how to generate the best results for this campaign, and identify alternative ways that can mutually benefit their projects and communities.

"After our highly successful launch of the Legion Super-app, which attracted over 4 million users, the much anticipated Bluemoon Metaverse launch is around the corner. We've carefully curated a social metaverse that is accessible with one click anytime, anywhere. We think it's only fair to prioritize those users who have been with us from the beginning, so stay tuned for some exclusive announcements just for you."
- Athar Ahmed, CEO Legion Network

Learn more about Legion Network and their updates HERE

Sidus Heroes

SIDUS HEROES has moved to PlayCanvas and introduced a new lobby with a level of graphics never before achieved for web-browser games. The official website is in the final stages of a complete redesign and is to be introduced shortly. A new game - Strategy - will be launched inside the metaverse next month, and two more gaming projects are coming out in Q1 2023.

The SIDUS team has opened a new operational office in Dubai to attract new investors and partners. SIDUS GATES - the first ever GameFi publishing company inside the metaverse - is preparing for equity investment rounds with the goal for the development of more than 20  gaming products by 2026.

“We’re close to some thrilling updates! SIDUS METAVERSE is about to grow exponentially. We’re preparing shocking collaborations and developments. Soon, our users will be able to enjoy open world gameplay and their own apartments at SIDUS Central Station. Xenna, our new strategy game, is coming out next month, and everyone who has special Xenna NFTs can participate in the beta. They’ll also get the advantage of being an early user. We’re also simplifying the onboarding process for new players. Wait and see. It’ll be huge!”
- Dan Khomenko, SIDUS HEROES Co-founder & CEO

Keep track of SIDUS updates HERE

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