PAID Network Ecosystem Updates 11/22

December 5, 2022

The PAID Team has been working hard behind the scenes to provide the PAID Community with the latest updates from our Ignition launch partners. It's part of PAID Network's commitment to be part of the journey as these projects continue to BUIDL. 

In this PAID Ecosystem update we have Cornucopias, blockbank, Affyn, and Ispolink.


Cornucopias recently had a very successful visit to CNFTCon in Las Vegas where they showcased a live working demo of their racing game. Additionally, booth visitors were able to get a taste for what one of their themed zones, Solace, looks and feels like. Since the trade show, they have hired a senior game developer and senior react engineer. 

Progress in game development is of course their #1 priority at the moment and are planning for a racing game release in early 2023. The team is also in the process of building out an all new website which will include a user dashboard, education platform, and much more. 

Learn more about Cornucopias on their website and through their Twitter


Since the launch of blockbank, the team has been working on building an ecosystem that combines all of the vital CeFi, DeFi & Neobanking features while protecting every new joiner and experienced investor with cutting-edge security layers. 

The launch of the newest update introduced users to The Avalanche Network. Users can now directly access the AVAX chain on the blockbank app and trade tokens, including $AVAX. The integration will allow us to gradually roll out new tokens faster and provide users with a seamless experience navigating through BNB, ETH, and AVAX blockchains on the DeFi side of the application.

In light of current market conditions, blockbank is the perfect solution for doing things the right way: you have a choice of enjoying centralized OR self-custody wallets.  

On blockbank you have FULL custody of your keys. The DeFi side of the application is fully non-custodial & private. YOUR KEYS - YOUR CRYPTO. 

One of the partners is Unstoppable Domains - an industry leader, allowing users to replace a complicated Web3 wallet domain with an easy-to-remember nickname.

Security is the #1 priority: with the latest Fireblocks integration, users can store their digital assets directly on the app with peace of mind. The partnership introduces cutting-edge security layers, protecting user data and digital assets through the whole transaction process and beyond.

On blockbank you will have FULL custody of your keys. The DeFi side of the application is fully non-custodial & private. Incaseyou lose your keys, the blockbank team cannot restore your wallet. YOUR KEYS= YOUR CRYPTO. 

They continue to improve the technology behind identity verification, and our  partner SumSub has helped to make the KYC process even faster & more convenient. blockbank is now available for users in the U.S. and Canada!

"The magic of technology and striving for a secure, convenient, and accessible way of storing assets is our #1 priority." - Anastasija Plotnikova, Co-Founder and CEO

Learn more about blockbank and their updates HERE and through their Twitter


Affyn is pioneering to become the forerunner of the Web3 industry that achieves mass adoption by building an ecosystem of interoperable metaverses that culminates into a Multiverse. They are constructing a closed-loop economy converging the virtual and real worlds, powered by a vibrant community of co-creators. 

Here’s Affyn’s progress to date:

  • Secured over USD$20 Million in funding
  • Expanded full-time staff team from 7 to 41
  • Inaugural NFT Collection sold out in 100 seconds
  • Generation Zero NFTs increased 30x in original value
  • Launched “LIVE” ALPHA demo of NEXUS World
  • First City Launch Land Sale in December 2022

“2022 has been about building the foundations. Come 2023, we will become the first mover in driving mass market growth by funneling Web2 users into Web3.” - Lucaz Lee, Founder & CEO

Check Affyn out on their website, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, and Discord


November was packed with exciting news and developments for Ispolink.

During the bear Ispolink's team emphasized on BUILDing it's core product and expanding its offerings by introducing Metaverse services that are integrated into the Ispolink platform.

Most notable achievements:

1. Organizing the first ever Ispolink Web 3 Dev Meetup in Sofia

On  November 27th we organized our first real life event: Ispolink's Web 3 Dev Meetup in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event was perceived very well by the developer community. Veselin from Binance was our Keynote Speaker.  We saw a spike in new user registrations on our platform right after the event.

2. Reward center and Referral Program

Aside from delivering 3 layer rewards systems - referral, sign up with github and commissions, our dev team introduced the first reward  type - earning $ISP tokens for filling out your user profile – and that's just the beginning.

3. New platform integrations 

 Users are now able to connect their Google and Microsoft calendar to the „Appointments“ section of the Ispolink platform. That way your personal calendar can be easily synchronized with our platform. This will help companies to keep track of their scheduled interviews, they can immediately see if candidates are available and can schedule the interview directly with our integrated appointment and hiring process features

“Ispolink's Web3 Dev meetup was a huge success. I had the pleasure to meet with and talk to so many passionate developers, motivated to make the transition to web3 with Ispolink. A special thanks goes to our guest speakers Veslin Georgiev from Binance, Ognyan Chikov from Limechain and Hristo Kochev from Quanterall for sharing their knowledge about blockchain space with the audience“ - Emanuil Pavlov, CEO of Ispolink

Learn more about Ispolink and their updates through their most recent blog and their twitter

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