PAID Academy Launches PAID.XP

December 2, 2022

After a successful launch in July, PAID Academy continues its blockchain education initiative by launching PAID.XP. This section taps industry experts in varying fields within the PAID Ecosystem to talk about special how-to's, explainers on how the industry mechanics work, or exciting new technology/developments they believe in and want to share with the PAID community; and we kick off this initiative with our partners BloXmove and their CTO and Co-founder Harry Behrens.

Experience and Skill Share

PAID.XP connects the best minds working on Web3 development with the PAID community. It provides expert insight into the ins and outs of Web3 project development from start-up culture, ideation processes, building teams, marketing, and adapting to different and new technologies. This section of PAID Academy, will be less technical and focuses on lessons that can’t be learned in more traditional classrooms. PAID XP, is based on individual expertise built on years of experience working in the field.

A Personal Touch

PAID.XP’s format will be free-flowing and conversational, more like a personal blog of each guest writer and that means it will match their tone of writing and speaking style, giving it a bit more of a personal touch. It is an intimate conversation with an industry expert. For some of our guests PAID XP may even provide our community the opportunity to pick our experts' brains directly through an AMA. If questions and ideas come up during your reading, you can get them answered directly.

BloXmove, Our Experts in NFT and Mobility Technology

For our first edition of PAID.XP we are proud to welcome back our launch partners BloXmove. Our continued cooperation has found us working together on blockchain education through PAID Academy. As our ecosystem expert in NFT and mobility technology, we’ve invited BloXmove CTO and co-Founder Harry Behrens, to talk to us about how the two main types of tokens - fungible, ERC20, and non-fungible, ERC721 and ERC1155, can be used to build sustainable commercial ecosystems, in his PAID.XP piece: Decentralizing Power & Mobility -A Journey by Detours. 

Decentralizing Power and Mobility a Journey by Detours by Dr. Harry Behrens
Decentralizing Power and Mobility a Journey by Detours by Dr. Harry Behrens

This will be the first in a series of lessons from BloXmove helping us understand token standards among cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, and tokens.

Complement the Lessons of PAID Academy

PAID.XP was designed to complement the library of information which is PAID Academy. While PAID Academy creates a foundation of blockchain knowledge, PAID.XP allows learners to understand the nuances of learned concepts from people who have actually put these ideas into practice. It is a sort of mentorship that PAID hopes to foster in the ecosystem in order to help our community be ready for and part of a blockchain future.  

About PAID Academy

PAID Academy is PAID Network’s one-stop guide to all things blockchain and crypto. It is an expert-driven collaborative knowledge base between PAID Network, its ecosystem and institutional partners. The aim is to build up a knowledgeable PAID Community and an ecosystem that is confident in making informed industry decisions.

PAID Academy provides the building-blocks needed for a future that is built around blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse. Its straightforward, easy-to-understand format is intended to accelerate understanding and discovery, in order to facilitate technological innovation, as well as the adoption and acceptance of blockchain technology globally.



bloXmove is a web3 solution provider working to create a worldwide decentralized and collaborative mobility alliance alongside an efficient green energy reality. By using blockchain components, bloXmove bridges state-of-the-art technology with industry solutions for security, automation and efficiency in cross-company transactions. Started by 3 co-founders and supported by a creative and energized team from around the world, bloXmove continues to develop DLT-powered solutions that bring hyper-efficiency and a spirit of collaboration for mobility providers and a seamless mobility experience for end-users. The cities of Dublin, Bonn and Stuttgart are the office bases, but bloXmove is at home in the decentralized space, meaning our talents and partners are connected globally. We foster CO2 neutrality and green technology by using renewable energies, being part of the GLASGOW COMMITMENT and applying the newest standards to our blockchain layer 2.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Medium | Telegram

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