Ignition to Launch Projects Built on BSC! Connect your Metamask wallets now!

Metamask to BSC PAID

Last month, we announced that we would be integrating Binance Smart Chain with the PAID business dApp and Ignition platform — helping to boost efficiency and flexibility for our users.  Now, we’re proud to reveal that Ignition will soon be launching projects built on the Binance Smart Chain. Taking part in a BSC IDO is […]

Liquidifty to Launch IDO on Ignition!

Liquidifty to launch Ido on ignition

We’re proud to announce that Liquidifty, an exciting new NFT project built on the Binance Smart Chain, will be launching their IDO on Ignition! Liquidifty is going to bring more liquidity into the NFT market. NFTs have proven to be an explosive new aspect in the crypto sphere this cycle so we can’t wait to […]

From Shadows to Globe: Ignition launching only the best in the Space

The months have been rocketing by (pun intended) with such amazing additions to the PAID ecosystem being launched on Ignition. Since our first IDO, at the beginning of March with Shadows, we’ve successfully launched twelve more with 12 amazing projects since then. We’re not stopping and will continue to deliver amazing projects for the PAID […]

Project Watch: A Look at Some Promising Crypto Projects

Project Watch

The crypto world is a fast moving, innovative space. Inside the PAID network and beyond, there are so many new projects pushing the boundaries of blockchain and beyond. All of these projects add value to what we do here at PAID. When decentralized projects do well, the whole crypto ecosystem benefits and we get one […]

Moma Protocol will launch its IDO on Ignition!

Moma on ignition

Here we go! Another exciting project that you can take part in on your favorite launchpad! Moma Protocol is on course to launch its IDO on Ignition. Moma Protocol offers solutions to the DeFi lending industry through its proprietary framework. With backing from over 15 financial institutions, Moma Protocol is a platform to watch! The […]